Independence Hall
The Environmental Revolution
April 24-26, 1998
Oak Brook, IL

The Environmental Revolution PDF Icon

M. Stanton Evans, National Journalism Center, Chairman

S. Fred Singer, Science & Environmental Policy Project, "The Road to Rio--and Kyoto"

The New Politics of Science

Fred L. Smith, Chairman

Bruce Ames, University of California

Patrick Michaels, University of Virginia

Steven Milloy, Advancement of Sound Science Coalition

Luncheon Address

Joseph A. Morris, Chairman

Jane Shaw Stroup*, PERC, Special Presentation

Stephen J. Tonsor*, University of Michigan

Leviathan Rebaptized

Danny Boggs, Chairman

Bruce Yandle*, Clemson University

John A. Baden, FREE

Terry Anderson, Montana State University

Worshipping Green Idols

William C. Dennis, Chairman

Charles T. Rubin*, Duquesne University

E. Calvin Beisner*, Covenant College

P.J. Hill*, Wheaton College

An Environment of Freedom

Richard L. Stroup*, Chairman

Jo Kwong*, Atlas Economic Research Foundation

R.J. Smith, Competitive Enterprise Institute

Lynn Scarlett, Reason Foundation