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Below is a table of all the papers currently available in The Philadelphia Society's archives.  You can filter the contents of the table with the "Search papers" box. 

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Paper TitleDescriptionTags
Event Cancellation-Refund PolicyEvent cancellation and refund policy updated March 7, 2022
2016 April Warren Coats A Sound Monetary Foundation
Former Rockford College President John Howard dies at age 93
Trouble with the Academy 4.27-29.90
Jose Luis SardonJose Luis Sardon2008 San Antonio Regional Meeting
1965 National Program Chicago1965 Chicago National Meeting, Antony Fisher, Arthur Kemp, Eliseo Vivas, Frank Meyer, George Stigler, Gerald Skibbins, Glenn Campbell, L Brent Bozell, LeBaron Foster, M Stanton Evans, Milton Friedman, Richard Cornuelle, Robert Strausz-Hupe, Russell Kirk, Stanley Parry, Stefan Possony, Warren Nutter
Campbell Spirit of the Foundation FathersWilliam F Campbell
Campbell Magna Carta Heritage Lecture 2010Magna Carta Heritage Lecture 2010William F Campbell
Campbell Magna Carta Heritage Lecture 2008Bill Campbell Magna Carta Heritage Lecture 2008William F Campbell
Campbell Alfred the GreatBill Campbell Alfred the Great Heritage LectureWilliam F Campbell
William F Campbell Introduction to Roepke Moral FoundationsWilliam F Campbell Introduction to Roepke Moral Foundations of Civil SocietyWilhelm Roepke, William F Campbell
William F Campbell Wilhelm Roepke and Western CivilizationWilliam F Campbell Wilhelm Roepke and Western Civilizationtribute, Wilhelm Roepke, William F Campbell
Ralph Ancil 1997 Speech on RoepkeRalph Ancil, Wilhelm Roepke
Ralph Ancil PaperRoepke and the Restoration of PropertyRalph Ancil, Wilhelm Roepke
Patrick Boarman Tribute to RoepkeApostle of a Humane EconomyPatrick Boarman, tribute, Wilhelm Roepke
Tribute to Henry Regnery"A Tribute to Henry Regnery" was made by Stephen J. Tonsor on April 27, 1996 at the Annual Meeting of The Philadelphia Society held in Chicago, Illinois.Henry Regnery, Stephen Tonsor
1964 April 25 Western Meeting ProgramGeorge Crocker, Glenn Campbell, Karl Brandt, Leo de Alvarez, Peter DeLuca, Ronald McArthur, Russell Kirk, Stefan Possony, Virgil Salera, William McDill
1964 April 25 Philadelphia Meeting ProgramFrank Meyer, Patrick Boarman, Stanley Parry, Thomas Molnar, William J Fitzpatrick, Willmoore Kendall
1964 April 25 Philadelphia Meeting ProgramFrank Meyer, Patrick Boarman, Stanley Parry, Thomas Molnar, William J Fitzpatrick, Willmoore Kendall
David Bobb 2010 Panel Remarksfor "Is America Still an Exceptional Nation?"2010 Philadelphia National Meeting, David Bobb
Bill Campbell on Richard Weaver Fellowship RecipientsRichard Weaver Fellowship Recipients2010 Atlanta Regional Meeting, Richard Weaver, tribute, William F Campbell
2010 Regional Speaker Bios2010 Regional Speaker Bios2010 Atlanta Regional Meeting
Mark Henrie 2011 Panel Chair“Progressivism and the Younger Generation” 2011 Dallas National Meeting, Mark Henrie
Scott Segrest 2011 Panel PaperThe Core of Progressivism2011 Dallas National Meeting, Scott Segrest
Thomas West 2011 Response to KeslerThomas West Response to Kesler2011 Dallas National Meeting, Charles Kesler, Thomas West
Forrest McDonald 2011Forrest McDonald Tribute to Mel Bradford2011 Dallas National Meeting, Forrest McDonald, Mel Bradford, tribute
Jay Langdale 2011 Panel PaperThe Idea of Progress in America Before and After Progressivism2011 Dallas National Meeting, Jay Langdale
Bill Campbell 2011 Tribute to W H Hutt and Mel BradfordBill Campbell Tribute to W H Hutt and Mel Bradford2011 Dallas National Meeting, Forrest McDonald, Mel Bradford, tribute, W. H. Hutt, William F Campbell
Jane Shaw Stroup 2011 Panel Paperfor "Public Spaces, New Urbanism, Smart Growth"2011 Cincinnati Regional Meeting, Jane Shaw Stroup
Arthur Pontynen 2011 Luncheon AddressWestern Culture at the American Crossroads 2011 Cincinnati Regional Meeting, Arthur Pontynen
David Smith 2011 Panel PaperMoney for Art: The Contemporary and the Canon2011 Cincinnati Regional Meeting, David Smith
Elizabeth Corey 2011 Panel PaperBeauty and Michael Oakeshott2011 Cincinnati Regional Meeting, Elizabeth Corey, Michael Oakeshott
Alan Harrelson 2011 Panel PaperDonald Davidson, Country Picking, and Agrarianism2011 Cincinnati Regional Meeting, Alan Harrelson, Donald Davidson
Bill Campbell 2011 Panel PaperBeauty is Local, Look Around You2011 Cincinnati Regional Meeting, William F Campbell
Philip Bess 2011 Keynote AddressAmerica the Beautiful2011 Cincinnati Regional Meeting, Philip Bess
2011 Cincinnati Meeting Speaker Bios2011 Cincinnati Regional Meeting
Ed Feulner 2010 Distinguished MemberRemarks upon Induction as Distinguished Member into the Philadelphia Society 2010 Atlanta Regional Meeting, Ed Feulner
Sam Bostaph 2010 Panel Remarks"Economics and Peaceful Persuasion"2010 Atlanta Regional Meeting, Samuel Bostaph
David Stuhr 2010 Luncheon ChairmanIntro of George Gilder2010 Atlanta Regional Meeting, David Stuhr, George Gilder
Steve Ealy 2010 Panel Remarks"Richard Weaver on Rhetoric and Dialectic"2010 Atlanta Regional Meeting, Richard Weaver, Steven Ealy
Philip Hughes 2012 Panel ChairPhilip Hughes Panel Chair for "Anti-Americanism: Fashioning the Conservative Response"2012 Philadelphia National Meeting, Philip Hughes
T R Malloch 2012 Breakout"Anti-Capitalism as Anti-Americanism"2012 Philadelphia National Meeting, T R Malloch
Paul Hollander 2012 Panel Paper"My Work on Anti-Americanism" 2012 Philadelphia National Meeting, Paul Hollander
Philip Hughes 2012 Dinner Remarksfor "America and Her Detractors in the Modern World"2012 Philadelphia National Meeting, Philip Hughes
John Earl Haynes 2012 Panel PaperDissecting Anti-Americanism: The Contribution of Paul Hollander2012 Philadelphia National Meeting, John Earl Haynes, Paul Hollander
Ken Cribb 2009Roundtable Remarks As Delivered2009 New Orleans National Meeting, Ken Cribb
John Willson 2009 Roundtable Discussion RemarksCountry Mouse and City Mouse2009 New Orleans National Meeting, John Willson
Claes Ryn 2009 Roundtable Discussion RemarksThe Conservative Movement in Chapter 112009 New Orleans National Meeting, Claes Ryn
Bill Dennis Roundtable Discussion RemarksBill Dennis Roundtable Discussion Remarks2009 New Orleans National Meeting, Bill Dennis
Lee Edwards 2009 Roundtable RemarksThe End of Conservatism?2009 New Orleans National Meeting, Lee Edwards
Timothy Fuller 2009 Panel Remarks"On the Modern Moral Imagination"2009 New Orleans National Meeting, Timothy Fuller
John Howard 2009 Panel Remarks"Culture Makes or Breaks an Ordered Free Society" 2009 New Orleans National Meeting, John Howard
Ellis Sandoz 2009 Panel Remarks21st Century Conservatism 2009 New Orleans National Meeting, Ellis Sandoz
Annette Kirk 2009 Panel Chair"The Literary and Religious Imagination"2009 New Orleans National Meeting, Annette Kirk
Andrew Yeungert 2009 Panel Remarks"Distorted Views of the Person: Reductive Method and Ideology" 2009 New Orleans National Meeting, Andrew Yeungert
George Nash 2009 Keynote AddressKeynote Address2009 New Orleans National Meeting, George Nash, keynote address
Richard Bishirjian 2009 PanelCultural Decline, Higher Education and the Internet 2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, Richard Bishirjian
Steven Ealy 2009 Panel RemarksConversation as a Discovery Procedure 2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, Steven Ealy
Dwight Lee 2009 PanelPhiladelphia Talk on Education2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, Dwight Lee
George Leef 2009 PanelThe Conventional Wisdom on Higher Education – Not Just Wrong, but Harmful2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, George Leef
Richard Vedder 2009 Panel Remarksfor "The Economics of Education"2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, Richard Vedder
Jane Shaw Stroup 2009 Panel Remarksfor "The Assault on Truth Seeking"2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, Jane Shaw Stroup
James Otteson 2009 KeynoteWealth, Unreality and Our Virtual World2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, James Otteson, keynote address
Hans Zeiger 2009 Panel Remarksfor “The Liberal Arts, Civic Virtue, and Character Formation”2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, Hans Zeiger
Yorktown University 2009 PresentationBestowal of Honorary Degree to Morton Blackwell2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, Morton Blackwell, Richard Bishirjian
Richard Gamble 2009 Panel RemarksCivic Virtue and the Stories We Tell2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, Richard Gamble
Philly Soc ReceptionPursuing Truth Outside the Academy2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, tribute
Gov. Mitch Daniels Welcoming Remarks2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, Mitch Daniels
Ed Feulner 2009 TributeBen Rogge & Pierre Goodrich2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, Ben Rogge, Ed Feulner, Pierre Goodrich, tribute
Bill Campbell 2009 Reception RemarksReception for our Friends Pursuing the Truth Outside the Academy 2009 Indianapolis Regional Meeting, William F Campbell
Lenore Ealy 2010 Tribute to Forrest & Ellen McDonaldTribute to Forrest & Ellen McDonald2010 Philadelphia National Meeting, Ellen McDonald, Forrest McDonald, Lenore Ealy, tribute
Steve Klugewicz 2010 Toast to Forrest McDonaldToast to Forrest McDonald2010 Philadelphia National Meeting, Forrest McDonald, Steven Klugewicz, tribute
Alfred Regnery 2010 Panel Chair"The Political Problem"2010 Philadelphia National Meeting, Alfred Regnery
Janice Brown 2010 Luncheon AddressJudge Janice Rogers Brown "The Fortress Stone of American Exceptionalism: Clarity and Destiny or Confusion and Despair?" 2010 Philadelphia National Meeting, Janice Rodgers Brown, keynote address
Will Hay 2010 Panel Remarks "An American Exception: Natural Aristocracy and the Idea of the Gentleman" 2010 Philadelphia National Meeting, Will Hay
Angelo Codevilla 2010 Keynote Address"America’s Regime Class, And The Perils Of Revolution" 2010 Philadelphia National Meeting, Angelo Codevilla, keynote address
Richard Gamble 2011 Panel PaperAmerica’s Progressive Identity in the Mind of Enlightenment Ideologues2011 Dallas National Meeting, Richard Gamble
2011 Dallas National Speaker Bios2011 Dallas National Meeting
Don Devine 2012 Panel ChairOld World Roots of Federalism2012 Memphis Regional Meeting, Don Devine
Brad Watson 2013 Panel Chairmanfor "The Rhetorical Challenge of Social Justice"2013 Indianapolis National Meeting, Bradley Watson
Joe Johnston 2013 Panel Remarks"Distributive Justice and Social Justice"2013 Indianapolis National Meeting, Joseph Johnston
Catalogue for Liberty and Justice Exhibit From the Collection of William F. CampbellCatalogue for Liberty and Justice Exhibit From the Collection of William F. Campbell2013 Indianapolis National Meeting, William F Campbell
SpeakerBiographiesforNational20132013 Indianapolis National Meeting
Sarah Beth Vosburg 2013 Panel Paper"Longing and Limits: Russell Kirk and C. S. Lewis on the Post-Human Project" 2013 Atlanta Regional Meeting, C S Lewis, Russell Kirk, Sarah Beth Vosburg
Gerald Russell 2013 Luncheon ChairGerald Russell Luncheon Chair2013 Atlanta Regional Meeting, Gerald Russello
Michael Jordan 2013 Panel Remarks"Education and the Permanent Things"2013 Atlanta Regional Meeting, Michael Jordan
Bill Campbell 2013 Panel ChairBill Campbell Panel Chair for "Human Nature and the Permanent Things" 2013 Atlanta Regional Meeting, William F Campbell
Ralph Hancock 2013 Lunchean Address"What Makes America Great?"2013 Atlanta Regional Meeting, Ralph Hancock
Brendan Foht 2013 Panel Paper"Evolution and Transhumanism" 2013 Atlanta Regional Meeting, Brendan Foht
David Lyle Jeffrey 2013 Panel Remarks"Israel and Revelation"2013 Atlanta Regional Meeting, David Lyle Jeffrey
Bill Campbell 2013 Meeting BackgroundAtlanta and the Permanent Things2013 Atlanta Regional Meeting, William F Campbell
Joseph Johnston 2013 Panel PaperDistributive Justice and Social Justice 2013 Indianapolis National Meeting, Joseph Johnston

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