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John Lathrop Ryan’s Law:
Never run out of money.
(from Don Lipsett’s Listing of Important Laws)

The Philadelphia Society relies upon the generosity of members and other interested supporters.  Donations to the Society supplement membership dues and meeting registrations in meeting our general operating expenses and keeping the costs of meetings as affordable as possible.  

Please use the donate button below, where you can contribute online through PayPal or by credit card.



In addition to general operating support, we welcome support for three key program areas:

1) Fellowship Fund:  The Society expends approximately ten percent of our annual budget to provide registration and travel expenses to enable qualified students and young professionals to attend conferences.  Our Fellowship Committee supervises a competitive selection process for fellowship awards, and all fellowship applicants must be nominated by a member of the Society.  Donors may not designate awards to specific individuals.  

2) Memorial Fellowship Funds:  While donors may not designate awards to specific individuals, they may establish named fellowships or fellowships with special selection criteria (e.g. law students, journalists).  If you have a special fund in mind, please contact Lenore Ealy.

We are currently accepting donations for:

The M. Stanton Evans Memorial Fellowship Fund

The Harry V. Jaffa Memorial Fellowship Fund

3) Meeting Sponsorships:   In order to keep meeting registration costs low, the Society welcomes sponsorship for specific meetings in the form of general support or hosted receptions and dinners.  (Meeting sponsors are recognized during the event.)

Donations by check may be mailed to:

The Philadelphia Society
11620 Rutan Circle
Jerome, MI 49249-9530
Phone (517) 688-5111

Philadelphia Society

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