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Officers (2019-21)

Samuel Gregg, President
Wilfred McClay, First Vice President
R.J. Pestritto, Second Vice President
Lenore T. Ealy, Secretary & Executive Director
David P. Stuhr, Treasurer
Daniel B. Hales,  Assistant Secretary
Hal Hayward, Assistant Treasurer

Trustees (2019-21)

Virginia Arbery (’21)
David Bobb (’21)
Timothy Caspar (’22)
Francisco Gonzalez (’22)
Hal Hayward (’21)
Roberta Herzberg (’21)
Christopher G. Long (’21)
Allen Mendenhall (’21)
Carroll Ríos De Rodríguez (’22)
Gerald Russello (’21)
Matthew Spalding (’21)
Gleaves Whitney (’22)


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