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Officers (2022-23)

President: Mrs. Bridgett Wagner, The Heritage Foundation
First Vice President: Dr. Bradley C.S. Watson, Hillsdale College 
Second Vice President: Mr. Joseph A. Morris, Esq., Morris & De La Rosa
Secretary: Dr. Lenore T. Ealy, Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Assistant Secretary: Mr. Daniel B. Hales, Esq.
Treasurer: Dr. David P. Stuhr, Fordham University
Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Hal Hayward


Terms ending 2024:                           
Dr. David Bobb, Bill of Rights Institute
Ms. Ann Fitzgerald, AC Fitzgerald
Dr. Phillip W. Magness, American Institute for Economic Research
Dr. Michael Munger, Duke University
Mr. Richard Reinsch, American Institute for Economic Research

Terms ending 2025:
Ms. Claire Aguda, Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Mr. Andrew D. Graham, Esq., Alliance Defending Freedom
Mr. Adam Kissel, Cardinal Institute
Mr. Ryan P. Williams, The Claremont Institute 

Terms ending 2026:
Dr. James Hartley, Mount Holyoke College
Dr. Jason Jewell, Faulkner University
Mr. Michael C. Maibach, Save Our States
Mr. Thomas Spence, Regnery Publishing

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