2024 Fall Meeting: Should Conservatism be Conservative?
2024 Fall Meeting
September 27-28, 2024
McLean, Virginia

Should Conservatism be Conservative? 

Many on the American Right are convinced the hour is late for our republican institutions. Some even argue it’s too late to save them. For such critics, modern American conservatism—born in the 1950s as an intellectual movement—has been an abject failure. It has done far too little to halt the Left’s relentless political and cultural advances. There is thus a new “New Right” seeking to be born. It is a Right that often abjures the label “conservative,” but for reasons different from others who have found the term constraining. The Philadelphia Society—one of the leading conservative membership organizations in the world—will play a vital role in defining and redefining the meaning of conservatism for our perilous times. Our Fall 2024 gathering will be a key forum for the honest consideration of new approaches to the preservation of a free and ordered society. 

Additional details forthcoming. Please contact Charissa Reul for more information. 

Friday, September 27



Fellowship Orientation




Dinner & Program
Chair: Bradley C. S. Watson, President, The Philadelphia Society
Keynote Address: Daniel Hannan, Baron Hannan of Kingsclere, United Kingdom House of Lords 

Saturday, September 28

Is Movement Conservatism Dead? 

Chair: Matthew Tyrmand, OpenTheBooks
Josh Hammer, Newsweek
Stephanie Slade, Reason
Theodore Wold, The Claremont Institute


Coffee Break


Our New Constitutions - and What to Do About Them
Chair: TBA
J. Joel Alicea, Columbus School of Law, Catholic University of America
Helen Andrews, The American Conservative 
Amy Wax, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law Schoo


Luncheon Program
Chair: Jeffrey Nelson, Russell Kirk Center
Keynote Address: Salena Zito


Demography and Destiny
Chair: TBA
Christopher Caldwell, The Claremont Review of Books 
Mark Krikorian, Center for Immigration Studies
Ilya Somin, George Mason University


Coffee Break


The Path Forward: Conservatism or Radicalism?
Chair: TBA
Brian Crowley, Macdonald-Laurier Institute
Glenn Ellmers, The Claremont Institute
Susan Hanssen, University of Dallas




Please contact Charissa Reul with questions or for more information.