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Don Devine: Coalition or Tension?

Don Devine, writing at The American Conservative, explores the problems of confusing the philosophical and experiential working out of the living tension among conservative principles, often referred to as fusionism, with the fusion of political coalitions.  

How did Meyer, Buckley, and Reagan think about fusionism? Fusionism to them was a philosophical concept. It was a philosophy that considered the principles of freedom and tradition as naturally interrelated in a tension whose resulting moral force created Western civilization and its American offshoot. Tension (the term Meyer preferred to fusion) was a force that could hold traditionalism and freedom together, which made both part of one potential whole. 

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Mal Kline: Crack in the Ivory Curtain

When academia practices real diversity, one wonders how long it can continue. It usually doesn’t, unfortunately.

Right now there is a crack in the Ivory Curtain in the person of Manuel Suarez-Mier, economist in residence at the School of International Service at American University. To call him politically incorrect would be an understatement. We mean that as a compliment. 

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Harry Veryser: April 12 Event Invitation

You are cordially invited to the 2014 “Where Do We Go From Here” ECONOMIC SYMPOSIUM at the MACOMB UNIVERSITY CENTER, 44575 Garfield Rd. Clinton Township, MI, 9 a.m. – noon, Saturday, April 12, 2014.

Featured speakers include: Joseph A. Weglarz, senior lecturer at UDM; Joshua Long, associate professor of economics, Indiana Technological University (” The Aftermath of the Bubble”); Matthew Fisher, adjunct professor of economics, Rochester College, Ivy Tech & Northwood University (“Wages, Productivity & Unemployment”); David R. Breuhan, vice president and portfolio manager at Gregory J. Schwartz and Company, Inc. (“Where We Are At”); Harry C. Veryser, adjunct professor of economics at UDM, Northwood University & Rochester College (“Inflation or Deflation?”); Mark McGrath, regional director, SEI advisors for Ohio & Kentucky (“The Art of Contrary Thinking”)


*** Seating is limited!! RSVP to Donna Gormely at 586-263-6232 or***

*** This event is sponsored by the University of Detroit Mercy, Department of

Economics, Macomb University Center, Clinton Township, Michigan and the

UDM Center, Michigan Council on Economic Education***

Warren Coats: Writing on Ukraine Monetary Policy

George Leef: Reflects on “Why Liberty?”

Writing at Forbes, George Leef notes that:

a few individuals are trying to convince people that we have already lost a great deal of liberty and should strive to get it back.

One of them is Tom Palmer of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation. Palmer has written and edited quite a few books, most recently Why Liberty: Your Life, Your Choices, Your Future.

It’s a short, easily read, yet intellectually powerful book that aims especially at convincing younger people that their lives will be much better in a free society and economy.

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Dan Oliver: After Ukraine…

Writing in The Washington Times, Dan Oliver asks:

As Russia amasses troops on Ukraine’s borders, Americans — and especially Europeans — should be asking two questions: What country in Europe is America willing to fight for, and for what country in Europe has America committed itself to fight? 

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