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Recently from Angelo Codevilla

Liberty Law Talk interviews Angelo Codevilla about his latest book, To Make and Keep Peace Among Ourselves and with All Nations (Hoover Institution Press Publication)

Angelo is also writing frequently for  Liberty Fund’s Liberty Law Forum

July 20:  Israel’s Iron Dome and Us

July 27:  From the Rule of Law to the Triumph of the Will

August 3: Impeachment Won’t Stop the Debasement of Our Government

August 10: Bringing International Contempt Upon America

August 17: Madness in Mesopotamia

August 24:  Taking Political Advantage… and Then What?


Dan Oliver: After Ukraine…

Writing in The Washington Times, Dan Oliver asks:

As Russia amasses troops on Ukraine’s borders, Americans — and especially Europeans — should be asking two questions: What country in Europe is America willing to fight for, and for what country in Europe has America committed itself to fight? 

Read more: 

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