A Movement Divided
2021 Spring Meeting
March 26-28, 2021
Fort Worth, Texas

The Right in America has never been a monolithic movement. Divisions and differences have always existed, and, in many respects, can be healthy. The past ten years, however, have seen widening divisions over questions ranging from economic policy to issues such as the conduct of foreign affairs or the proper scope of executive power.

How did these circumstances arise? Was it simply the disappearance of a common enemy? Or did a sharpening of disagreements emerge from a variety of causes? Should we entertain hopes for a type of reintegration of different strands ranging from traditionalism to classical liberalism? Or do we need to settle for a series of pragmatic alliances?

The Philadelphia Society operates on the premise that progress is made by achieving insight and understanding, not by enforcing intellectual conformity.  This meeting will provide a setting for a discussion of the reasons for deepening differences, as well as the possibilities for a less fractious future.

The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel
200 Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

The Philadelphia Society meeting rate is $189/night.  You may make reservations by calling the Marriott Reservation Line at 1.800.433.5677 or using the link below.

The Philadelphia Society Spring Meeting

Start Date: Monday, March 22, 2021

End Date: Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Last Day to Book: Wednesday, March 3, 2021



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