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The Weekly Bell: 5-16-2014

Making “A Conservative’s Case for Moderation” at Real Clear Politics on May 15, Peter Berkowitz makes mention of The Philadelphia Society. 

 PhillySoc President Joe Johnston points us to a video overview of “social justice” by Jonah Goldberg.   Joe continues to contribute to the analysis of this invasive and problematic concept with his letter to the editor of Commentary (May 2014) in response to Arthur Brooks’ article, “Be Open-handed to Your Brothers” (Feb 2014).

John Zmirak offers an eye-opener into the continuing degradation of campus culture with The Devil in Harvard Yard.

George Leef:  “What is the Worst Agency in Washington, D.C., Today?”

John Goodman:  Why Did Health Spending Slow Down Before it Sped Up?



The Weekly Bell: May 9, 2014

 John Goodman, “Why We Lost the War on Poverty“, is great background reading for our fall conference on “The Failure of the Welfare State.”

 George Leef, “America’s Growing Student Debt Mountain,” and Dan Oliver, “Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Student Debt Has Got to Go,” both weigh in on the growing trouble with easy college loans.

The Fitzgerald Griffin Foundation features a reflection on “Russell Kirk’s Conservative Mind at 60″ by Allan Brownfeld.


Hiketty, Piketty, my black hen

Discussion of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century has been trending the past few weeks.  In his latest Health Policy Blog, “Ellsworth Toohey Lives,” John Goodman has done yeoman’s work in pulling together several helpful links for those who would like to know more of what the fuss is about.

If you still need help understanding the flawed mathematics of Piketty’s proposed solution to wealth inequality, I commend Ogden Nash.

The Weekly Bell 4-11-14: Member columns, blogs, and miscellanea


Job Opening:  

Kosciuszko Foundation Visiting Professor at the University of Warsaw  (via Ewa Thompson)


Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at Noon
Myers Convocation Center at Ashland University 
Ashbrook Center Major Issues Lecture Series luncheon featuring Justice Judith French, “The Supreme Court of Ohio: What We Do and Why It’s Important”
Please contact Lisa Ormiston at (419) 289-5429 or


The Freeman interviews newly elected member Anne Wortham

George Leef @ Forbes:  “Davis-Bacon: The Price-Fixing Conspiracy That The Feds Mandate”

John Goodman: “You Can’t Buy Insurance Until Next November”

Ralph Rossum:  two pieces at Liberty Law Blog:

 Richard Rahn in The Washington Times:  “Why Do We Still Use Paper Money?” 

 Charles Mills: “Hate Speech and the Internet” 




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