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General Fellowships




Thanks to the generous support of foundations and individual donors, The Philadelphia Society has a limited pool of funds to help support meeting attendance of graduate students, young faculty, and other young professionals who demonstrate interest in the intellectual renewal of a social order of free and responsible individuals, and who show promise of participating in this renewal through their future professional activities and, potentially, through future membership in The Philadelphia Society.  Fellowships are competitively awarded for each meeting, and each applicant must certify that they do not have other sources of funding to cover registration and travel costs. (Individuals who work full-time for other educational foundations, think tanks and policy organizations should inquire about institutional reimbursement opportunities before applying for fellowship support.)


As the purpose of the fellowship program is to foster intellectual vitality and growth in the Society, a Fellowship Committee prioritizes funds for support of the strongest applicants, with a key measure of “strength” being likelihood of contributing to the intellectual renewal of a free society through fellowship and professional activities and likelihood of joining the Society.  Candidates for fellowships typically include upper-level graduate students, junior faculty,  think tank employees, grass roots leaders, and early career business people and attorneys. (Undergraduate students may apply, but are usually given lower preference in our competitive ranking.)


Applications for fellowships are submitted for each meeting.  Interested parties may contact our office for more information.

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