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2022 Baron Award to Diana Denman

Annual BARON AWARD Presentation
Spring Meeting, The Philadelphia Society, Hyatt Regency, Dallas, Texas – March 26, 2022

Karl Ziebarth presents the Baron Award to Diana Denman

Diana Denman thanks the Society for the Award

I have been asked to present the Baron Award on behalf of the Philadelphia Society this year. It is a great honor, which I happily accept. The Baron Award is given annually to that member of The Philadelphia Society who most faithfully exemplifies, in word and deed, the good fellowship, personal loyalty, intellectual integrity, and moral courage of our beloved friend and colleague, John Von Kannon (1949-2015)

John was a dear friend of mine for many years, the heart and soul of the Heritage Foundation, a boon companion, and a spirited inspiration to us all. Miss him greatly.

This year, the Trustees have selected one of our number whom you know well. This individual has served the nation, and the State, and the Society well in many, many capacities, as Board member, donor, Presidential Appointee to numerous national boards and committees. The commitment to our Society is complimented by service in many professional, business, scholarly, and political capacities, as well as being an enthusiastic supporter of the arts and culture. Internationally, service as an election observer in several countries, including the Ukraine, has involved a personal commitment and a measure of personal risk.

By now you surely have guessed that this year’s award goes to our dearest friend,

Diana Denman

Godmother of the Republican Party of Texas, a stalwart, sensible conservative in the finest sense of the word, who has displayed the kind of unfailing moral courage and intellectual integrity which sustains our Society. May her example inspire us all to be dedicated fellows in the business of shaping our society and our nation.

Diana, please step up so that I may present you with the award.


Remarks by Karl Ziebarth

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