Independence Hall
The Perils of Progressivism
April 1-3, 2011
The Adolphus Hotel
Dallas, Texas

The Perils of Progressivism PDF Icon

Information on Speakers


Chairman: Peter Schramm, Executive Director, Ashbrook Center   

Invocation: Mrs. Barbara Elliott   

Official Welcome: Former Mayor of Dallas, Tom Leppert   

Keynote Address, Jonah Goldberg, Author, Liberal Fascism   


10:00 – 11:30 Progress and Progressivism

Chairman: William Murchison, Baylor University   

Robert C. Koons, University of Texas, Progress: Scientific and Sentimental   


Richard M. Gamble, Hillsdale College, America's Progressive Identity and French Ideologues PDF   

Jay Langdale, Andrew College, Progress in the Nineteenth Century PDF   

Luncheon: Solving the Toughest Problems Without Government

12:00 – 1:30 Chairman: George H. Nash, Historian   

Dedication of Luncheon to Memory of Mel Bradford and W.H. Hutt: Bill Campbell, Secretary PDF   

Forrest McDonald Pays Tribute to Mel Bradford PDF   

Introduction of Ambassador Glassman, George Nash   

Ambassador James K. Glassman, Founding Executive Director, George W. Bush Institute   

2:00 – 3:30 The Progressive Assault on the Little Platoons of Family, Church, and School

Chairman: W.W. Caruth, The Liberty Institute   

Kelly Shackelford, President, The Liberty Institute   

Thomas Pauken, Chairman of the Texas Workforce Commission   

John C. Goodman, National Center for Policy Analysis   

3:30 – 5:00 Progressivism at the National Level

Chairman: Wilfred M. McClay   

Matthew Spalding, The Heritage Foundation, Progressivism and the Constitution   

Bradley C.S. Watson, Saint Vincent College, Progressivism and the Supreme Court   

Ronald Pestritto, Hillsdale College, Progressivism and Politics   

6:30-9:00 Dinner Hosted by the Claremont Institute

Master of Ceremonies, Brian Kennedy, President, The Claremont Institute   

Invocation: Kenneth Blackwell, Former Secretary of State, Ohio   

Charles Kesler, Editor, Claremont Review of Books   

Respondent: Thomas G. West, University of Dallas, PDF   

Sunday Breakfast

8:45-11:00 Progressivism and the Younger Generation

Chairman: Mark Henrie, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, PDF   

Tiffany Jones Miller, University of Dallas   

Carey Roberts, Arkansas Tech University   

Scott Segrest, United States Military Academy, West Point, PDF   

J. David Alvis, Wofford College   

Joseph Postell, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs