Enduring Values in a World Of Change: Directions for America in the 1970’s
April 10-11, 1970
Chicago, Illinois


Friday, April 10
3:00-3:30 Registration
3:30-5:30 Lessons From The Past: "The Philosophical Framework"
Kenneth Templeton, Chairman
Gary North, University of California-Riverside
David Friedman, University of Chicago
M. Stanton Evans, Editor, The Indianapolis News
5:45 - 6:45 Cocktail Hour
7:00-8:30 Dinner
James W. Wiggins' Introduction of Walter F. Berns
Walter F. Berns, Visiting Charles' Evans Hughes Professor, Colgate University; former Professor of Government, Cornell University The Crisis of the University—Lessons from Cornell
Saturday, April 11
10:15-12:15 The Individual And The Community
John A. Marlin, Assistant Professor. of Economics and Finance, Baruch College; City University of New York
Danny J. Boggs, Department of Economic Security, Commonwealth of Kentucky, former Bigelow Fellow, University of Chicago Law School
Arthur A. Shenfield, Visiting Professor of Economics, Rockford College
12:45 - 2:00 Luncheon
2:30 - 4:30 The Urban Prospects
Edward C. Bonfield, Professor of Government, Harvard University
James D. Koerner, Senior Research Fellow, Education Development Center
James W. Wiggins, Associate Dean and Professor of Sociology, Converse College
6:15 - 9:00 Saturday optional buffet dinner
Discussion of welfare programs, the negative income tax, etc, with Milton Friedman, Henry Hazlitt, and Ernest van den Haag
Introduction of Milton Friedman
Milton Friedman
Henry Hazlitt
Ernest van den Haag
Rebuttal / Comments from Milton Friedman