Independence Hall
Decentralism and Regionalism in American Politics and Letters
October 19-20, 2007
The Seelbach Hilton Hotel
Louisville, Kentucky

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Friday Night:

George H. Nash, Historian and Author, Master of Ceremonies   

Bill Campbell, Dedication of Meeting to Tim Wheeler   

Gary L. Gregg II, The McConnell Center, University of Louisville, Chairman   

Keynote Address: Gordon Lloyd, School of Public Policy, Pepperdine University, Why Keep the Antifederalists Alive?   

Q&A for Gordon Lloyd   


The Humane Vision of Wendell Berry

Saturday's sessions on Wendell Berry, go to: Intercollegiate Studies Institute

For the Saturday sessions we are indebted to:

The Intercollegiate Studies Institute and The McConnell Center, University of Louisville

Sex and the Family

Anne Husted Burleigh, Marriage in the Membership

Allan C. Carlson, Not Safe, Nor Private, Nor Free Will. Wendell Berry on Sexual Love and Procreation

Poetry and Religion

Luke Schlueter, Earth and Flesh Sing Together: The Place of Berry’s Poetry in His Vision of the Human

D.G. Hart, Wendell Berry’s Unlikely Case for Conservative Christianity

Lunch with Wendell Berry

Distributism and Localism

William Fahey, The Restoration of Propriety: Wendell Berry and the British Distributists Compared

Bill Kaufman, Wendell Berry on War and Peace: Or, Port William Versus the Empire

Rod Dreher, Wendell Berry’s Politics and Prospects for Reform

Cocktail Reception – Sponsored by The McConnell Center, University of Louisville

Judge Danny J. Boggs, Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, Welcoming Host