Conservatism: Identity and its Limits
April 18-20, 1986
Chicago, Illinois


Friday, April 18
6:30 - 9:00 Dinner
Daniel B. Hales, Chairman
Elliott Abrams, Assistant Secretary of State
Keynote Q & A
Saturday, April 19
8:30 - 9:30 Annual Breakfast Meeting of Membership (Members only) Annual Breakfast Meeting of Membership (Members only)
10:00 -11:30 The Neoconservatives: The Species and Their Origins
John L. Ryan, Chairman
Edward Shapiro, Seton Hall University
Paul Gottfried, Rockford College
Burton Yale Pines, The Heritage Foundation
Stephen J. Tonsor, University of Michigan
12:00 - 3:00 Luncheon
Report on The Philadelphia Society, M.E. Bradford, President
Report on The Charlottetown Society, Donald G. M. Coxe
M.E. Bradford - Rhetoric and Respectability: Conservatives and the Problem of Language
3:00 - 5:30 Roundtable: A Necessary Conversation
Ernest van den Haag, Chairman
Brigitte Berger, Wellesley College
M. Stanton Evans, Education & Research Institute
William Kristol, Department of Education
Leslie Lenkowsky, Institute for Educational Affairs
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The American Spectator
Russell Kirk, Author and Lecturer