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William F. Campbell

Archival Material for William F. Campbell

Secretary of the Society, 1995-2014
President of the Society, 1986-87

*An Intelligent American’s Guide to Anglo-American History: As If Liberty, the Rule of Law and Constitutionalism Really Mattered

Chapter I: Alfred the Great
Heritage Lecture, December 2007

Chapter II: Magna Carta from Edward the Confessor to Henry III
Heritage Lecture, December 2008

Chapter III: The Tree of Liberty is Rooted in Magna Carta
Heritage Lecture, November 16, 2010

            “Blackstone’s Law and Economics”
             Modern Age, Vol. 29, No. 1; Winter 1985

Chapter IV: Portrait of Liberty: Classical Republicans, Whigs, and Tories,  L.S.U. Exhibition

Chapter V: American Constitutionalism
Campbell Spirit of the Foundation Fathers
              Modern AgeVol. 23, No. 3; Summer 1979

            The Philadelphia Society, Pittsburgh Regional Meeting

           Progressivism and the Ownership Society
        The Philadelphia Society, Milwaukee Regional Meeting

            “Two Traditions of Constitutional Economics” Intercollegiate Review, Spring 1987

Chapter VI: Towards A Conservative Economics

        “Economics and the Machiavellian Tradition” Journal of Economic Issues, Vol. V, No. 2, June, 1971, pp. 20-30.

        “America’s Crisis of Success and the Political Economy of Gratitude” Hillsdale Imprimis, November 1978.

        Introduction to Wilhelm Roepke’s The Social Crisis of Our Times, Includes a bibliography of Roepke works translated into English, Transactions Press, 1992.

        Introduction to Wilhelm Roepke’s The Moral Foundations of Civil Society, Transactions Press, 1996.

        “The Legacy of Luigi Einaudi and Wilhelm Roepke” Modern Age, Fall 1992.

        “Wilhelm Ropke” Entry in American ConservatismISI Press

        “What Does America Owe to Florence?” Nicholas Capaldi, Business and Religion: A Clash of Civilizations, ed. Nicholas Capaldi, (M&M Scrivener Press, 2005).

Background Papers for various meetings of The Philadelphia Society

Progress of Leviathan The Philadelphia Society, New Orleans Regional Meeting, September 21-22, 2001

The Culture of Liberty in the Americas, Prepared for the San Antonio Regional Meeting of The Philadelphia Society, October 10-11, 2008.

Black History and Conservative Principles, Prepared for the Philadelphia Society Regional Meeting, October 1, 2004

Intercollegiate Studies Institute Publications:

“Should We Cry for Argentina?” Co-authored with Marcelo Resico, The Intercollegiate Review, Fall 2010

“Why I Am a Conservative” Modern Age, Summer 2007.

“Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn: A Remembrance” Modern Age, Fall 1999.

“On the Keynesian Jam: David Felix, Biography of an Idea: John Maynard Keynes and The
General Theory” Modern Age, Winter 1999.

“Economics and the Eirenic Mind” Modern Age, Winter 1998.

“An Economist’s Tribute to Russell Kirk” Intercollegiate Review, Fall 1994.

“The Legacy of Luigi Einaudi and Wilhelm Roepke” Modern Age, Fall 1992.

“Wilhelm Ropke” Entry in American Conservatism

“Economics as a Distributive Science” Modern Age, Winter 1987.

“Two Traditions of Constitutional Economics” Intercollegiate Review, Spring 1987.

“Blackstone’s Law and Economics” Modern Age, Winter 1985.

“Towards a Conservative Economics” Modern Age, Winter, 1982.

“The Spirit of the Founding Fathers” Modern Age, Summer 1979.

“Political Economy: New, Old and Ancient” Intercollegiate Review, Winter 1976-1977.

ISI Lecture, “Presuppositions of the Market Economy” MP3

Major Book Reviews

Review of A.M.C. Waterman, Political Economy and Christian Theology since the Enlightenment: Essays in Intellectual History,  New York: Palgrave Macmillan. 2005. Association of Christian Economists, Spring 2007. 


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