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The Weekly Bell: 7-18-2014

It’s been a busy couple of weeks out there!

Daniel Hannan, who is scheduled to keynote our fall meeting in Grand Rapids, reflected recently on the demise of Britain’s Liberal Democrats.

Our irrepressible Dan Oliver sends birthday wishes and a happy send-off message to John Dingell via The Washington Times.


On the immigration crisis:

John Horvat:  What Does St Thomas Say?

John Zmirak: on the immigration crisis at FoxNews and at The National Catholic Register


Steve Hayward @ Forbes on “The Use and Abuse of Impeachment”

John Lunn has an article in Faith and Economics, “On Whether a Relationship Between Use Value and Exchange Value is Possible.”  Number 63, Spring 2014.  It will be online with a one-year lag. 

Richard Bishirjian points out this essay — Why Conservative Colleges Should Go Online — published on June 26 at The National Association of Scholars website.  And notes a number of essays that deal with the crises in American higher education that result from new technologies and the Obama  Administration’s attempt to usurp authority for education of the states have been posted at, including:

 George Leef @ Forbes: Law Schools Peer into the Abyss




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