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The Weekly Bell- 6/27/2014

APPLY NOW!  The Heritage Foundation:  Visiting Fellow in American Political Thought

Accuracy in Academia launches Conservative University with “Sex, Lies, and Women’s Studies.  Watch the trailer here.

Joe Morris opines on the degradation of public service,  The Washington Examiner

 Allen Mendenhall delivered the talk “Dissenting Opinions” in the Alabama State Capitol for the State of Alabama Office of the Attorney General Continuing Legal Education Seminar on May 15.  His article “Happy Birthday, George Orwell” appeared here at in anticipation of Orwell’s 111th birthday on June 25.

Kevin Mooney:

Lawsuit Seeks EPA Administrator’s Deleted Emails

Revisionist History in JFK Library Foundation award to Bush Sr. 

George Leef @ Forbes:

On Real Liberalism

Why So Stingy, Seattle?

John Zmirak:

Churches Should Cease Pro-Immigration Push

Hands Off Iraq


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