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The 2022-23 Future of Freedom Fellows


The Philadelphia Society is pleased to introduce our 2022-23 Future of Freedom Fellows. Chosen from a competitive pool of distinguished candidates, the Future of Freedom Fellows demonstrate academic excellence, exceptional leadership in their field, and a desire to advance the intellectual foundations of a free and ordered society. 



The Future of Freedom Fellowship program is made possible through the generous support of the John William Pope Foundation. The John William Pope Foundation, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, has a 35-year tradition of supporting nonprofit public policy work that defends the American tradition of a free-market economy under the rule of law. The Pope Foundation’s Future of Freedom Initiative is a targeted grant program, established in 2022, that seeks to refresh, rebuild, and revitalize American conservatism. The initiative’s guiding principle is that a healthy movement, one broad enough to constitute a governing majority and strong enough to achieve and sustain policy victories, requires participation, dialogue, and cooperation from diverse groups, including traditionalists and libertarians. With these grants, the Pope Foundation is investing in projects and institutions that exhibit inclusion, integrity, innovation, and influence. For more information about the grant, visit


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