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Tributes to M. Stanton Evans

July 20, 1934-March 3, 2015

Stan Evans, Young


The Heritage Foundation:  Celebrating the Life and Legacy of M. Stanton Evans (video)

The Sharon Statement (penned by Stan in 1960)



Fr. Vince Rigdon, Funeral Homily (3/12/2015)

Lee Edwards at The Daily Signal (3/3/2015)

Steven Hayward at PowerlineBlog (3/3/15)

David Franke at The American Conservative (3/4/2015)

Michael Greve at Library of Law and Liberty (3/8/2015)

Neal Freeman at The American Spectator (7/15/2011)

Mark Tapscott at The Washington Examiner (3/4/2015)

Jeffrey Tucker at The Freeman (3/3/2015)

New York Times (3/3/2015)

Alex Adrianson at TheInsiderOnline (3/4/2015)

Rachel Lynn Aldrich at World (3/4/2015)


One comment on “Tributes to M. Stanton Evans”

  1. The Pumpkin Papers Irregulars Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to M. Stanton Evans with gratitude for his six decades of service to his country.


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