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In Preparation for Grand Rapids

Recent pieces by members and others provide background fodder for our upcoming fall meeting on The Failure–and Future?–of the Welfare State:

Here are two takes on Paul Ryan’s recent proposals for welfare reform: “Postmodern Conservative” at National Review and  “A Budget Cut by Any Other Name” at Slate and

Robert Weissberg notes the challenge of speaking factually about race.

John Zmirak reflects on the challenges of Ferguson, MO.

And then there is this more optimistic piece on the comeback of Detroit by Amelia Hamilton.

The Weekly Bell (late August catch-up version!)

It’s been a busy summer!

Angelo Codevilla tells what it will take to stop ISIS.  His new book, To Make and Keep Peace Among Ourselves and with All Nations (Hoover Institution Press Publication), was also reviewed by PhillySoc members Don Devine for The American Conservative and Will Hay for LibertyLawSite.

Warren Coats contrasts the Nanny State and the Liberal State

Don Devine documents some interesting convergence of opinion on the failures of uniformity and centralization.

Lee Edwards describes Goldwater as the most consequential loser in American politics.

Joe Morris muses on the price of gold

Larry Provost reflects on the anniversary of Hiroshima bombing

Paul Kengor compares Reagan and Obama in the handling of KAL 007 and MH 17 

LifeSiteNews interviews Robert Reilly on his book, Making Gay Okay.  Bob has also published recently on music at LibertyLawSite.

Tracy Mehan ponders Woody Allen’s perpetual predicament

Jeffrey Folks wonders if Democrats Do Better?

Robert Weissberg proposes a new reality show: Drunks Gone Wild

The versatile George Leef has written recently on the idea of the “Living Constitution“; evasion of student loan debt via bankruptcy;  campus safetyteeth whitening competition; and reviewed Jason Riley’s new book

Arnold Steinberg asks why most Jews stay with Obama?

Alex Chafuen continues to reflect on the think tank movement at Forbes

Kevin Mooney writes on race-based admission and Green trespassing

John Zmirak has several new pieces:  Obama Issues Order Forcing Church Agencies … ; Justice for Illegal Immigrants and two reflections on the anniversary and legacy of World War I with Jason Jones and John Zmirak. Was its final death toll really 133 million?

Allen Mendenhall’s new book is reviewed by Mises Daily, and he reports publication of the following new works:



Recently from Angelo Codevilla

Liberty Law Talk interviews Angelo Codevilla about his latest book, To Make and Keep Peace Among Ourselves and with All Nations (Hoover Institution Press Publication)

Angelo is also writing frequently for  Liberty Fund’s Liberty Law Forum

July 20:  Israel’s Iron Dome and Us

July 27:  From the Rule of Law to the Triumph of the Will

August 3: Impeachment Won’t Stop the Debasement of Our Government

August 10: Bringing International Contempt Upon America

August 17: Madness in Mesopotamia

August 24:  Taking Political Advantage… and Then What?


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