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2008 Biographical Links

Philadelphia Society National Meeting

April 11-13, 2008

Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, Virginia

Europe, the United States,
and the Future of Western Civilization

Dawson in his book, appropriately titled, Understanding Europe, 1952,
provides reflections on the common problems of Europe, America, and Western
civilization.  It would be worthwhile to read his reflections before coming
to the meeting.

For reflections on the
origins and early development of Western Civilization, tying together Alfred the
Great, Gregory the Great, St. Benedict, and Charlemagne, click on Alfred
the Great.
  There is also a link in this document to an important
article by Walter McDougall relating Charlemagne to our present


Former Prime
Minister of Estonia, Europe: Old and New

Short biography of Mart Laar for the Milton Friedman Prize,
Cato Institute

Video of his acceptance speech:

Biography of Mart Laar on Wikipedia:


Short Biography of George Nash provided by the Russell Kirk Center:

Nash’s work at ISI with lectures on his book and F.A. Hayek etc.:

Nash’s The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America on Amazon:

Nash introduces M. Stanton Evans at a 2000 Philadelphia Society Meeting:

Nash on Herbert Hoover’s bad press:

Gleaves Whitney

Gleaves Whitney brief biography:

William Anthony Hay

Curriculum vitae:

List of articles in The Foreign Policy Research Institute:

Samuel Gregg

Curriculum Vitae at Acton Institute and a list of 42 articles:

Michael Burleigh

Curriculum Vitae and links to his most recent journalism
and books.

For excellent review by Dan Mahoney (cf. below) of
Burleigh’s work in the current issue of The Intercollegiate Review:

Bart Jan Spruyt

Wikipedia on Bart Jan Spruyt:

Second RSC Lecture in Transatlantic Relations at the
Roosevelt Study Center in Middelburg:

Peter W. Schramm

Curriculum Vitae and links to articles:

Ashbrook Center with links to many articles and books:

Richard Pipes

Random House brief biography with links to his major books:

Brief biography with links to several articles:

Frontpage Interview with Richard Pipes:{F5A7A2C6-B022-4616-9E77-CD34FCAE2342}

Wikipedia article on Richard Pipes:

John Blundell

Institute of Economic Affairs:

Wikipedia article on John Blundell:

Enrico Colombatto

Curriculum vitae of Enrico Colombatto with complete list of

Two articles in the Ludwig von Mises Institute:

Editor of The Elgar Companion To The Economics Of
Property Rights

Dennis L. Bark

Biography at the Hoover Institution:

Articles in the Hoover Digest:

Amazon listing for A
History of West Germany: From Shadow to Substance 1945-1963

Daniel Mahoney

Daniel Mahoney, Curriculum Vitae:

For excellent review by Dan Mahoney of Burleigh’s work (cf.
above) in the current Intercollegiate Review:

ISI articles and publications:

Google Book Search and excerpts from his, De Gaulle:
Statemanship, Grandeur, and Modern Democracy:

Mark Henrie

ISI links to biography and clickable articles:

Alberto Mingardi

Brief biography from the Bruno Leoni Institute:

Bruno Leoni Institute in English:

Roman Joch

Brief biography from The Neuwaldegg Institute:

Civic Institute:

Alexandre Pesey

Human Events article on Pesey:

ISI working with Pesey and other conservative groups in

l’Institut de Formation Politique (in French):–2.html

Michiel Visser

Review of Brad Thompson’s John Adams and the Spirit of
in Modern Age:

Review of American Elections (in Dutch):

Steven F. Hayward

American Enterprise Institute biography with full links to
books and articles:,scholarID.28/scholar.asp

R. Reilly

Brief biography from the Voice of America:

 “Winning the
War of Ideas” for the Claremont Institute:

Recent article, February 9, in The Washington Post
on “Britney vs. the Terrorists”:

Angelo Codevilla

Brief biography from Boston University:

Biography with full links to books and articles:

Robert Schuettinger

Washington International Studies Council (WISC):

Schuettinger on the Early Education of Lord

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